SHOT Show 2017 – The California Compliance Quagmire

 If you’ve never been to SHOT Show, I can tell you that it is a head-spinning experience. Every manufacturer in the world (or so it seems) has their latest and greatest products on display, all looking to increase their market presence through dealers and distributors. As a retailer with offices in California, one of our priorities was to scout out possible compliance options for those of us “behind enemy lines”.

We received a good amount of heckling from those manufacturers based in “free-states” (mostly in the form of good natured, witty repartee), but the truth is that California is a huge market for them. Thanks to the ultimate gun sales representatives (politicians), most companies had excellent sales in California last year – and although the majority of buzz on social media revolves around “will-not-comply” – it was apparent that most major manufacturers (and plenty of on-the-rise ones) believe that the market for compliance products will be huge. Nearly every booth seemed to have an option, from “featureless” to fixed-mag solutions. Here are a few of the more interesting ones expected to be on the market this year:

Battle Arms Development – Prototype Takedown System (No Name Yet)
 Battle Arms Development California Rifle Takedown System
Battle Arms Development California Rifle Takedown System 1
We posted a quick video on our Instagram page showing a Battle Arms Engineer operating this system. The rear takedown pin has two stages, allowing you to either open the action fully, or, only crack it about a quarter inch or so. There is a detent pin holding the magazine in place until the action is cracked open. A retrofitting jig is also rumored to be in the works.

Juggernaut Tactical – Featureless Stock System
Juggernaut Tactical California Compliant Stock
One of the more comfortable featureless products we got our hands on, this stock allows you to keep your existing grip and provides an extended takedown pin which doubles as a thumbrest.

Hera Arms – CQR Stock
Hera Arms CQR Stock - California Complaint
The Hera Arms CQR replaces the pistol grip and adjustable stock, and eliminates the thumbhole preventing a pistol grip. A solid one-piece solution.

Mission First Tactical – Grip
Mission First Tactical Grip California Compliant

Another product designed to replace the pistol grip. The grip has a panel preventing thumb wrap around. Simple, sturdy design and seems to be a practical option. MFT is also offering a 10-round Magazine with a 30-round body

Fixed Stocks from Phase 5 Weapon Systems and ASC

Not necessarily a compliance product, many manufacturers introduced new fixed stocks this year. One of our favorites was the Phase 5 Weapon Systems Universal Mini Stock (UMS). The UMS can attach to a Mil-Spec Buffer Tube, the PBT or HexOne Buffer Tubes.
Phase 5 Weapon Systems UMS Stock

Ammunition Storage Components also presented a sleek fixed stock, which includes an integrated storage compartment.
ASC Fixed Stock
ASC Fixed Stock 1


It is clear that these manufacturers (and several more who hinted at products to be introduced later this year) are not abandoning the California market. Now the question is, how many people are going to buy these products?

Which of these products do you want to know more about? Know of another that you would like to see us carry at  Leave a comment below and let us know!

Whether you are a California resident or not, head to one of these sites to find out how you can help stop the spread of the Anti-2nd Amendment laws which are spreading across our country:

  **Note: Be familiar with all of your local and state laws / regulations before installing any of these products!**