Phase 5 Weapon Systems, Inc.

From its inception, Phase 5 was built to solve problems. Founder Ken Montes started his company with a model for a firearm component built in his garage, and from there has grown both in size and reputation. Montes’s unique start in the firearm business has situated Phase 5 as a company that builds components to solve problems and support people, especially the ones who safeguard our well-being.

A proudly American company, Phase 5 Tactical designs and manufactures all of their products securely in the United States. Known for precision and durability, their merchandise has wowed firearm owners both in the US and around the world. Phase 5 has a range of excellent products to browse, from durable bolt carrier groups to buffer tubes, and one will find that each product they receive comes with the Phase 5 promise of top quality merchandise.

Phase 5 Weapon Systems specializes in:

  • AR Pistol Buffer Tubes
  • AR-15 Parts and Accessories
  • EBRV – Ar-15 Enhanced Bolt Release
  • LPSN AR-15 Handguards