The X4 brake is a muzzle device for large bore applications. The X4 was developed with a large initial chamber that provides a reactive surface for gasses to  mitigate recoil. The secondary chamber provides some compensating affect as well as flash reduction. The X4 was tuned to provide a softer felt impulse over traditional brakes. With the X4, follow up shot times are reduced as the firearm returns to target much faster, and the chamber design can help eliminate circular rotation, or scope movement on target. The X4 is a welcome addition to any large bore rifle.

7.62mm/.308 caliber or smaller applications
Made from U.S.A. Certified 4140 bar stock or U.S.A. Certified 6AL-4V Titanium
Blasted and black phosphate coated or Titanium
Threaded 5/8 x 24 TPI for common applications
Length: 2.75 inches
Weight 3.0 oz for black phosphate or 1.7 oz for Titanium
Product of Idaho, MADE IN THE USA