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5D Tactical Router Jig PRO Universal 80% Lower Receiver Jig (Options)

  • Are you an experienced builder looking for the ultimate full-featured heavy duty jig? Or are you a first-time builder who needs an easy to use foolproof system for finishing your first 80% lower receiver? No matter which type of builder you are, the Router Jig PRO universal 80% Lower receiver finishing jig by 5D Tactical is the last jig you will ever need.  

    The Router Jig Pro comes in three available packages depending on the platform you intend on finishing:  AR-15/AR-9; .308/AR-10; or MultiPlatform (AR-15/AR-9/.308/AR-10). All of these options can handle billet, forged, or polymer 80% lower receivers. The Router Jig Pro is designed to accommodate flared magwells or other unique exterior dimensions of your 80% lower receiver.

    The Router Jig Pro requires a ReadyMILL end mill (sold separately individually or in the Router Jig Pro Tool Kit). These end mills are specially designed for router use and are part of what makes the Router Jig Pro process so quick and easy.

    Here are some of the many features which make this revolutionary jig so unique:

    • Drill only 1 hole prior to starting your milling. Saves you time and effort.  
    • Drill guide and drill bushings are made from ultra-hardened heat treated steel so they last a lifetime.
    • Router guide system ensures that the end mill never touches the jig,  so you don’t have to worry about premature wear.
    • 1.5” thick super durable side plates provide stability for your drill and a precise template for your selector and pin holes.
    • Vacuum hose attachment so you can automatically remove chips while you are milling.
    • Using this ridiculously fast system, you can finish your  80% lower receiver in as little as 15 minutes.
    • Simple to follow 3-step process for each milling step.
    • Very easy to assemble, and takes only seconds to switch in the next 80% lower receiver.
    • Works with most routers. Full size router compatible with optional Full-Size Router Plate (Sold Separately).
    • See Media Tab for information and instructional videos.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 5D-JIG15, 5D-JIG308, 5D-PMJ

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