The ARMagLock is your Fixed Magazine Lock and Release Solution for your AR-10. ARMagLock allows the shooter to re-insert a magazine while the upper and lowers receivers (the action) are closed or open, allowing for SIGNIFICANTLY faster magazine changes. Our competitors’ products ONLY allow the shooter to re-insert a magazine while the action is in the open state, slowing you down CONSIDERABLY. Our product allows you to have the ejection port cover open or closed when closing the action, the competition only allows this with the port door closed, causing even slower operation. Our product does not scratch your upper receiver with an adjustment screw like competition does. Last but certainly not least, ours also has finger knurling for excellent grip in any and all weather conditions, in addition to coming with the knurled grip tacticool rear take-down pin** and accompanying split ring for quick pull operation.
– Creates a fixed magazine rifle (AR-10 platform)
– Operates similar to OEM magazine release button
– Easy installation and removability
– Made of aircraft grade aluminum
– For Installation & Operation Videos, see MEDIA Tab.
– Notes from Manufacturer:
*If you purchased this AR-10/.308 kit, you do NOT need the Wide Receiver Adapter Kit, the spacer and longer screw are already included.
**This kit does come with a rear take-down pin but, because .308 lower receivers are so differing in their pin diameter sizing, ours only fits about 50% of the firearms in the market. We can NOT guarantee our pin will fit your lower receiver!
Note from manufacturer: “It’s the purchasers responsibility to know the current firearm laws and regulations in their state, county, city and municipality. Be familiar with all of your local and state laws / regulations before installing this product! The manufacturer/company (creator & seller) of ARMagLock, is not held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations.” (Click HERE for more regulatory information on the manufacturer’s website)The manufacturer, distributors or sellers of ARMagLock, cannot be not held responsible for personal injury, death, or property damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use, or modification of this product. Any cartridge misfires (jams), misfeeds, stovepipes and any other firing malfunctions need to be cleared by a certified firearms gunsmith. User agrees not to attempt to clear a misfire, cartridge jam, stovepipe or any other malfunction by opening the firearm action during a misfire. Evolusion Concepts, Inc., ARMagLock, and MSR Arms LLC can not be held responsible for any injury due to user manipulation of the firearm due to malfunction. See Our Terms of Service (Terms & Conditions) for more information.”

Manufacturer Part Number: ARML10