The Fullfield TAC30 Riflescopes Series offers a second-to-none close quarter battle (CQB) reticle for competitive shooters and law enforcement and military operators.
The illuminated center dot and large, bright circle allow for instant target engagement at close distances. Holdover dots provide trajectory compensation out to 600 yards.
1x magnification allows for close-in, both-eyes-open shooting. 4x magnification allows engagement of mid-distance targets.
The ultra-bright, illuminated reticles have a 10-position dimmer you can adjust for all lighting conditions.
Superb optical glass is multi-coated for maximum low-light and anti-glare performance. It’s fully compatible with existing night-vision technology.
For even greater versatility, the 1-4x is available in a combo with the popular FastFire™ 3 red dot sight and 30 mm AR-P.E.P.R. Mount.

The fast-action Ballistic CQ™ reticle was designed for competitive shooters and law enforcement and military operators
Circular center provides ultra-fast engagement at close distances
Smaller reticle dots provide trajectory compensation out to 600 yds. for the 5.56 and 7.62 cartridges
Digital dimmer switch lets you choose from 10 intensity settings for your illuminated reticle
1-4x power magnification; 1x provides super-wide field of view for both-eyes-open shooting; 4x lets shooter engage out to 600 yds.
Index-matched, Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate
Illuminated reticle reduces time to get on target in any lighting condition and increases accuracy when target is dark
Illuminated reticle is compatible with night-vision technology
Double internal spring-tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations
Nitrogen-filled scope tubes prevent internal fogging, even in cold and rain
Precision-gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies maintain a consistent point of impact regardless of shock and vibration, and hold true through magnification range
Durable, stress-free, solid 1-piece outer tube withstands shock and vibrations of even the heaviest-recoiling calibers
The Fullfield TAC30 Riflescopes Series is covered by the Burris Forever Warranty™

Item Number:

Combo Package:
None (200433)Included (200433-FF)

Combo Package Includes Scope, FastFire III, AR-P.E.P.R. Mount


Ballistic CQ™

Objective Lens Diameter:
30 mm

Clear Objective Lens Diameter:
24 mm

Ocular Lens Diameter:
42 mm


Focal Plane:

Main Tube Size:
30 mm

Field of View:
100 low – 32 high (ft. @ 100 yds.)

Eye Relief:
3.5 – 4.0 in.

Exit Pupil:
24 low – 6 high (mm)

Click Value:
1/2 MOA

Elevation Adjustment, Total Capability:
130 MOA

Example: 50 MOA is roughly 25 MOA from center.

Windage Adjustment:
130 MOA

Example: 50 MOA is roughly 25 MOA in any direction from center.

11.3 in.

17.0 oz. (200433)25.0 oz. (200433-FF)

Illumination Control:

Illumination Settings:
8 brightness settings