The Hartman MH1 Red Dot Reflex Sight improves accuracy and reaction time, while providing unique and innovative features to this rare reflex sight. An advanced innovative reflex sight, it is constructed with the largest field view through the sight which helps improves target acquisition and situational awareness throughout the day & night greatly (NVD Scenarios).  It uses a reticle that helps maintain the weapon on a vertical plane for more accuracy in shooting using balanced lines at 3, 6, & 9 o’clock, and and a centered red dot.
The Hartman MH1-B Red Dot Reflex Sight features other functions such as a USB charging port that is efficient with battery consumption. The sight holds 2 batteries and can recharge in a wall socket, or USB socket. It is equipped with a sleep mode and dual 30 degree motion sensors, which only activates the sight when firing takes place. Check out all these great features:

MH1 takes CR123 battery and allows extended battery life with easy reachable access
It has an ergonomic design with a unique angled rear activation button
The MH1 is built to MIL-STD-810F
It is equipped with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny / Weaver mounting system assembled on the right side of the sight to avoid accidental opening.
The reticle flashes with a low batter warning with a two hour notice
Five levels of brightness for night vision
Easily accessible, angled activation buttons
The largest field of view through the sight
Accuracy enhanced reticle
Custom user interface (optional)
Sleep mode & memory chip
Fighter friendly low battery indicator
Lower 1/3 co-witness with backup sights
Polymer Constructed
Durable anti reflection coating
Invisible reticle from the target side of the lens
MIL-STD -1913 Locking mechanism positioned on the right hand side