The .224 Valkyrie was designed by Federal Ammunition to maximized the effective range of the AR-15 platform. The round offers superior ballistic performance over the traditional .223 or 5.56 NATO round. The hybrid contour .224 Valkyrie barrels offer an ideal configuration for those seeking extreme accuracy without the added weight of an HBAR contour. These barrels are hand lapped and manufactured from 416R stainless steel. They come pre-dimpled for easy gas block installation. Also included is an M4 barrel extension. These barrels accept muzzle devices with a 1/2×28 thread. Chambers are finished, but barrels should be headspaced and installed by a qualified gunsmith. Optional headspaced JP Enterprises bolt & barrel kit is available.

These barrels are optimized to accommodate all factory loads currently available on the market, but best results have been obtained with the Hornady 88 gr. ELD Match and Federal 60 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip loads. Details regarding the ongoing improvement of the Federal 90gr.

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