Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS is designed to replace your existing rear takedown pin. QUICK PINS opens easily and locks automatically when you close your receivers.
QUICK PINS allow for the most convenient separation and locking of upper and lower receivers in the industry.
One-pinch upper and lower receiver release system
Instantly and securely locks the receivers together
Easier To Operate than standard takedown pins
Designed for mil-spec receivers (AR-10 / .308AR version will fit both DPMS and Armalite style lower receivers)
Built from High Strength 7075 Aircraft Aluminum
Pairs with Cross Armory’s Safe Mag, and Flop Stop for a superior reloading system in regulated states
By removing your rear takedown pin and installing Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS you will enjoy improved convenience when breaking down your weapon.  QUICK PINS allow for easy opening and servicing of your weapon with a simple pinch of your fingers.  Closing and locking your receivers together is as easy a closing the two receivers together, QUICK PINS will automatically lock your receivers into place.  QUICK PINS allow for the easiest access to your firing mechanism.
Whether in the field or at the range, mechanical failures happen. Accessing and fixing mechanical failures as quickly as possible is important to getting back on target quickly and safely. Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS allow for fast and reliable access to the most important parts of your weapon.
QUICK PINS is machined from solid blocks of 7075 T-6 Aircraft Aluminum for high strength, light weight and durability.
In many highly regulated states, including CA, NY, CT, MA, MD, HI, as well as Washington DC, gun owners are required to separate the upper and lower receivers in order to remove their magazines.  With Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS the separation and re-joining of receivers, requires minimal effort.  With a pinch of your fingers the upper and lower receivers are free to be separated and by closing the two receivers together, QUICK PINS automatically locks the receivers together.  When paired with Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG, you will have an efficient and reliable solution in states that require disassembly of the firearm before reloading.
The AR-15 Quick Pins incorporate a flush endplate. The .308AR Quick Pins have a angled QD Mount which perfect for collapsible stocks, but prevents use with flush-mount butt stocks.
Manufacturer Part Number: QUICKPINS