When the mission is critical and conditions are harsh, you want to know that all your gear is up to the task. The Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch has extended controls resulting in increased surface area and improved function – in any condition. Locking the bolt back (or releasing it) is easier than ever since the shooter does not have to break their grip to operate the Maritime Bolt Catch. Designed to be compatible with any mil-spec M16/M4 lower receiver. The textured surface ensures excellent grip and positive feedback for the shooters hand, even with gloves.
-Made from heat treated 8620 steel.-Manganese phosphate coated
Please Note: A mil-spec bolt catch spring and plunger are required for assembly and are NOT included.  If the Maritime Bolt Catch is replacing an existing mil-spec bolt catch, please use care when disassembling the component from your lower receiver as you will need these parts to install the Maritime Bolt Catch. Compatibility with billet AR-15 lower receivers is unknown. Please also note that the extended controls of the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch will partially cover the pin hole for the hammer, a smaller punch may be required to push the hammer pin out of the receiver from the left side, and the hammer pin should only be installed from the right side of the receiver.

Manufacturer Part Number: 08-153