Whether you’re on the hunt or engaging a long-range target, you need a heavy-duty caliber that delivers power and precision, and When Every Round Counts™, you can trust the Hexmag AR-10/.308 SR-25 magazine. Engineered from Hexmag’s PolyHex2™ Advanced Composite, these magazines are designed to handle the demands of 7.625x51mm (.308) Winchester calibers. These rugged magazines are constructed with Hexmag’s iconic HEXTURE™ design patterned texture for durability, dependability and exceptional performance. 10 or 20 Round Capacity.*Please be advised that our system will prevent products from being shipped to locations where they are prohibited by law. Both your billing and shipping address must be located in an area where these items are not prohibited*

Manufacturer Part Number: HX1020-SR25S1-BLKHX1020-SR25S1-FDEHX1020-SR25S1-GRYHX1020-SR25S1-ODGHX20-SR25S1-BLK (20 Round)HX20-SR25S1-FDE (20 Round)