The Gen2 Instigator AR 80% Lower is now better than ever! Crafted from a single block of 6061 billet aluminum with improved CQB grip retention features on the magazine well.

The magazine button area has been carefully designed based on operator feedback. Although holding true to the original intent of protecting the button from accidental depression, there is no interfering feature between the trigger and the button. The fence is designed to slope away from the button so large gloved fingers do not mistake the fence features with the button itself.

The magazine well is machined for accuracy with a flair that is large and deep. It was specifically designed for rapid magazine changes with both the USGI and polymer magazines.

Included Features:

  • Bolt Catch Set Screw
  • Upper/Lower Fit Tension Screw
  • Improved Guide for the Magazine Catch

Operations Left to be completed:

  • Fire Control Pocket
  • Trigger Slot
  • Trigger Pin Hole
  • Hammer Pin Hole
  • Safety Selector Hole

Note for the AR-9 (9mm) Version only: These are compatible with Glock Small Frame Magazines. Magazine Release Included.

*These lowers are compatible with 5D Tactical Router Jig Systems. Other manufacturers’ jigs may not accommodate the flared magazine well and trigger guard.