Designed with the needs of tactical shooters in mind, this kit contains all the  products and tools needed to clean and maintain weapons for optimal performance and reliability.
Packaged in a high-quality locking case, the kit includes:
4oz M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner
2oz M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX
2oz M-Pro7 Copper Remover
50 Cleaning patches (.38-.45 Caliber)
1 T-Handle Rod
1 Lint-Free Gun Cloth
5 Assorted Bore Brushes (supports .22 caliber to 12 gauge)
1 Nylon Utility Brush
1 M-16 Chamber Brush
1 Shotgun Brush Adapter
1 .22 Caliber Loop
1 Foam Gun Pad
1 Lockable Gun Case
1 M-Pro7 Weapons Maintenance & Product Guide

Manufacturer Part Number: 070-1505