ODIN Works XMR 2 Extended Magazine Release (Options)

ODIN Works

  • Shooters wanted an ODIN Works XMR (eXtended Magazine Release) that worked with Magpul BAD levers. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum featuring the ODIN boomerang cuts, the XMR 2 is the one accessory every AR with or without a BAD lever needs. The XMR 2 is larger than a mil spec button making it easily accessible by all shapes and sizes of hands and fingers. Works with both AR15 and AR10 lower receivers. Easy install that takes minutes


    Technical Specs


    -Compatible with BAD Lever. Will not work with anti-walk pins unless you modify the XMR2.

    -Weight is just .1 oz (including paddle, button, and screws)

    -Large surface area for quick magazine reloads.

    -Easy to reach.

    -Ergonomic design.

    -Release magazine without changing grip or position.

    -Contoured for positive depression and reduced slip.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: AAC-XMR-2

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