The SBR 8″ is designed for use with a suppressor. It is configured to keep the overall length to approximately that of a standard carbine by the use of a short barrel and the Seekins Precision MCSR MLOK hand guard.This allows the hand guard to cover part of the suppressor, protecting the shooter from suppressor and letting the shooter use a comfortable support grip further forward on the hand guard.
The SBR 8″ uses the iRMT-R Upper Receiver, CNC Machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum. The iRMT-R Upper Receiver’s hand guard mount is machined into the upper to strengthen the receiver and maintain accuracy throughout long shot strings. Coupled with the receiver is the Seekins Precision 12” MCSR MLOK hand guard for use with a suppressor. The length allows for a forward hold or closer to the receiver for CQB situations. Both receivers and the hand guard are Type III Hardcoat Anodized matte black.
An 8” Seekins Precision stainless steel barrel is perfect for this suppressed configuration. Precision CNC machined from a premium stainless steel blank, each barrel is inspected four times to insure match grade tolerances for maximum accuracy and performance. Chambered in .300 BLK.
Tuning the gas system is critical to maximize performance and reliability. The SBR 8″ comes with the Seekins Precision Adjustable Gas Block, Melonited Pistol Gas Tube and M16 Bolt Carrier Group to fine the gas system for smoother cycling and operation. All are Melonite coated to resist corrosion and wear. This also aids in easier cleaning, as carbon build up will not adhere to the non-reflective coated surface as much as it does on standard Parkerized finishes.

Specifically Made For Use With A Suppressor
8” Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel
Pistol Length Gas Sysyem
12” MCSR MLOK Hand Guard
iRMT-R Billet Upper
Melonited Adjustable Gas Block, Gas tube and M16 Bolt Carrier Group