The Shepherd DRS (Dual Reticle System) Scope is the only scope with two independently adjusting reticles which provide visual verification that the proper windage and elevation adjustments have been made. That’s right, you can actually see the reticles move, making it much easier for shooters of any skill level to zero in their scope with only one shot! Each scope has two reticles: the range-finding circles reticle (first focal plane), and the crosshair reticle (second focal plane). Being on the first focal plane allows the range-finding circle reticles to be accurate at every range, regardless of the zoom power. The circles can be adjusted up for flatter shooting rounds or down for rounds with a bit more drop. The V-Tactical Series 6-18×42 scope was designed for shooters demanding the most advanced technology in a tough, military grade optic. With oversized optics, high density coatings, and reinforced internal structures, this scope has it all.

Enhanced next generation HD glass.

High density coatings

Reinforced internal structure.

Pop-up locking turrets.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Four different range finding, bullet drop compensating reticle options available.

Includes lens caps, lens cloth, and instruction manual.

Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer Part Number: V1a (DRS0045); V1 (DRS0041; V2 (DRS0043); M556 (DRS0047)

The following information has been provided by Shepherd Scopes to help choose your reticle. If you would like further help with the fit of the reticle to your particular gun or round of choice, you can also view Shepherd’s Scope Finder/Ballistics Calculator. V1A Reticle (18” range-finding circles)
Ideal for the Christensen Arms Classic in 300 Remington Ultra Mag.  The bullet drops match up well with the 300 Weatherby Mag 150 Grain Nosler Accubond and the Winchester Supreme Silvertip Ballistic 55 Grain rounds. The sight works for guns from .204 to 378 including .257 Wby Mag and is designed for long-range flat bullet trajectories

Range in Meters Bullet Drop in Inches
300 -10.1″
480 -39.6″
600 -71.0″
700 -107.0″
800 -153.1″
900 -212.0″
1000 -286.1″


V1 Reticle (18” range-finding circles)Ideal for the 7mm Rem Mag and the 300 Win Mag.  The bullet drops match up almost exactly for the .270 Win 140 Grain Winchester Big Game Nosler Accubond and the 300 Win Mag 180 Grain Hornady Interlock SP. Extremely accurate at all distances out to 1000 yards for everything from a .22-250 to a .338 Lapua Mag.

Range in Meters Bullet Drop in Inches
100 0
200 -3.22
300 -11.88
400 -26.78
500 -49
600 -79.62
700 -119.24
800 -172.46
900 -238.47
1000 -320.9


V2 Reticle (18” range-finding circles)Ideal for the Browning 30-06 and the Ruger American 308.  The bullet drops match up almost perfectly for the Black Hills Gold Ammunition 30-06 Springfield 168 Grain, Hornady Match Hollow Point Boat Tail, and Federal Vital-Shok Partition 180 Grain.  The V2 works for a 75 grain .223 to 30-06 to .308 and several other calibers.

Range in Meters Bullet Drop in Inches
100 0
200 -3.98
300 -14.25
400 -31.86
500 -58.05
600 -94.2
700 -142.13
800 -203.98
900 -282.39
1000 -380.9


M556 Reticle (9” circles)
Calibrated for the Hornady .224 55gr grain V-Max bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3240 fps. The factory loaded Hornady V-Max is dead on at 1,000 yards with this scope. This scope works for the following calibers: .17HMR, .204, .222, .223, .224, .243, .270, .280, .284, 7mm, 7mm-08, 7mmSTW, .308NATO, .308NORMA, 30-06, 300H&H, 330DAK, 416 Wby., 416Laz., and 460 Wby.

Range in Meters Bullet Drop in Inches
100 0
200 -2.8
300 -11.2
400 -27
500 -52.9
600 -94.4
700 -150.7
800 -234.5
900 -348.6
1000 -500.4


With the Shepherd Scopes Dual Reticle System, you can actually see the reticles move, so one reticle acts as a point of reference to the other.  Zeroing in your DRS Scope is easy:

Fire a shot from a solid rest and note where the bullet impacted the target.
Hold the crosshairs on the target and rotate the large knobs to move the small zero circle of the front reticle until it is centered on the bullet hole.
Now turn the small knobs to move the center of the crosshair just above the circles.  That’s it, the scope is now zeroed!