Spike's Tactical Cold Hammer Forged 11.5 Carbine-Length Barrel 5.56

Spike's Tactical

The Spike's Tactical Cold Hammer Forged barrels are extremely durable with a 20,000+ round service life.

This 11.5" CHF barrel is turned to a Light Weight barrel Profile. It weighs 17.5oz with M4 Barrel extension and no FSB on the 11.5" Barrel.

This barrel has a .625" gas block seat with a properly sized gas port and the muzzle is threaded perfectly concentric to the Bore with 1/2x28 threads.

This CHF barrel is made to the Mil-Spec for the M249 SAW. But in a Lighter and Smaller package. The Cold Hammer Forging process Work Hardens the steel around a rifled mandrel, which creates the lands and grooves. This barrel are chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1/7 Twist Rate. The barrel blanks are the correct Certified CMV material and they are also Hard Chrome lined to the M249 SAW Mil-Spec, which is almost twice as thick as the Hard Chrome on a Mil-Spec M4. The End Result is a Light Weight Rifle that can be Run Hard Day after Day!

Each barrel is HPT and MPI. They have Mil-Spec M4 barrel extensions, Mil-Spec Phosphate finish on the outside.



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