Trijicon MRO - Minature Rifle Optic (Options)


  • The Trijicon MRO® (Miniature Rifle Optic) is a sealed miniature reflex sight intended for use on rifles, carbines and shotguns to provide fast target acquisition. The large aperture and tapered light path maximizes the viewing area and allows for better situational awareness and fast target engagement – especially from non-standard shooting positions. Combine all this with the ambidextrous brightness controls, sub-flush adjusters, advanced lens coatings and the fully sealed, waterproof, hard anodized forged 7075-T6 housing and you have the ultimate mini reflex sight on the market.


    • Large Viewing Area
    • Adjustable Brightness Settings
    • Ambidextrous Brightness Control
    • Easy-to-Set Adjusters
    • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Housing
    • Surface-Flush Adjusters
    • Waterproof to 30 Meters (100 Ft.)
    • Single Lithium Battery

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    Why is my MRO® dot not lighting up?


    Please refer to your MRO® manual or online video for proper battery installation. Incorrect battery orientation or damage to the battery contacts can prevent the MRO™ from functioning properly.

    Ensure that a battery is installed correctly and that the battery cap is tightened (to provide proper contacts) for operation. To turn on, rotate the illumination knob so that one of the numbered positions is facing toward you as you would look through the optic. Note that the night-vision settings (“n” and “N”) will not be visible without night vision goggles, and the lowest day settings (“1” and “2”) may be difficult to see in bright conditions.  If you still can't see the dot, please contact Trijicon Customer Service at 1-800-338-0563.

    How should I clean the lenses of my Trijicon MRO® sight?


    We suggest that you used compressed air to remove any large debris to avoid scratching the lens. Once clear of debris, use an ordinary glass cleaner or fresh water. A mild plastic polish will remove minor swirl type scratching. It is important to avoid the use of any strong solvents like lacquer thinner or bore cleaner near the lens as they will damage the lens coatings. Use of a motorized polishing device on the lens will also cause damage to the unit’s lenses.

    Is the Trijicon MRO® waterproof?


    All MRO's are rated to pressures equivalent depths of 100 feet (30 meters).

    What is the MOA of the MRO® reticle?


    The MRO® reticle is a 2.0 MOA red dot.

    What is the MRO® battery life?


    The MRO® battery should last for 5 years of continual use at setting “3” (5 of 8). When left on at the brightest setting (“6”), the battery should last around 25 days. Note that extended use in extreme temperatures – either cold or hot – may reduce the battery life considerably.

    The front lens on my MRO® is installed at an angle. Is this correct?


    Yes this is correct. The front, or objective lens is installed at a precise angle in order to reflect the red dot back to the user’s eye. This angled objective lens is common to all reflex‐style optics. It may be more noticeable on the MRO® than some other optics due to the increased size of the lens.

    Is the MRO® as durable as (competitor optics)?


    The Trijicon MRO® has the strongest housing of any optic in its class because it is forged from 7075-T6 aluminum. Furthermore, the Trijicon MRO® has been tested and validated to the same MIL-STD-810G environmental and durability requirements as our ACOG®.  Please reference the MRO™ specification page on our website for more details.

    Why does the MRO® have a slightly bluish tint?


    The slight bluish tint you may sometimes notice when looking through the Trijicon MRO® is a result of the optical coatings that are required to provide a clear, crisp dot and maximum battery life. This phenomenon is present in all reflex-style optics to varying degrees, and it does not affect usability or performance of the optic.

    Does the MRO® work with magnifiers?


    The Trijicon MRO® will work with magnifiers in the same manner as other reflex-style optics. Trijicon offers three different mounting height options, and a magnifier should be selected/configured such that the optical axis of both the MRO® and the magnifier are co-aligned for best performance.

    Why do I see a red glint when looking through the MRO®?


    Like every reflex-style optic, the Trijicon MRO® will exhibit some glint from the optical lens coatings when the user's eye is not directly behind the optic and the dot is not centered in the field-of-view (off-axis viewing). While the amount of glint will vary depending on the orientation of the optic relative to external light sources, the MRO® exhibits less of this effect than competitive optics. This phenomenon does not affect usability or performance of the optic, even in non-standard shooting positions.

    Why do I see a red ring around the MRO® objective lens when at the brightest setting?


    When at its brightest setting ("6"), the Trijicon MRO® will often exhibit a red ring around the outer edges of the objective lens. The MRO® exhibits less of this effect than competitive optics when at their brightest settings.


    Note that this effect can also be made less noticeable by placing the optic at a greater distance from the operator's eye, and by ensuring the operator's eye is directly behind the optic.  Situationaly, setting the MRO® to "6" should rarely be required to achieve an appropriately bright reticle dot.

    Does the MRO® have any "Fish-Eye" or distortion?


    The lenses of the Trijicon MRO® do not produce optical distortion commonly referred to as "fish-eye." Any perceived distortion by the end user is either more accurately described as image shift or could be due to the slight magnification of the MRO (see respective FAQ's).

    Why does some of the image seem shifted when looking through the MRO®?


    Like competitive optics, the image viewed through the Trijicon MRO® becomes shifted somewhat at the edges of the field of view. This shift is a result of the design needing to have a tilted and curved objective lens to reflect the reticle dot back to the operator's eye. The image shift at the edges of the MRO's viewable area will be more noticeable than on optics with smaller objective lenses simply because of the larger viewable area.  This was a trade-off in the design of the MRO® in order to allow operators to see more area through the optic and thereby get faster hits on target from non-standard shooting positions.


    This image shift does not affect the usability or performance of the optic when properly zeroed because the reticle dot and target will still be correctly aligned.

    Is the MRO® magnified?


    The Trijicon MRO® has a very slight magnification of 1.05x, which is within the range of competitive reflex-style sights. This slight magnification allows the MRO® to have an optimally-focused target scene and a crisp, clear reticle dot. The slight magnification does not affect the usability or performance of the optic.

    Does the MRO® have any parallax?


    Like all reflex-style optics, the Trijicon MRO® is parallax-free when the dot and target are reasonably well centered in the optic's field-of-view, but when the reticle and target are substantially off-axis, there will be some parallax.  The off-axis parallax performance of the MRO® meets or exceeds that of other reflex sights of similar size.

    What is the torque spec for the MRO® mount screws?


    The torque spec for the (4) #4-48 screws supplied with your mount should be torqued to 12 in/lbs. Any more than 12 in/lbs and you risk stripping the threads out of the MRO® housing.  Please refer to your Mount Instructions for the MRO® booklet for complete mounting instructions.

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