By William McNeill “The Daily Shooter”
Below are the videos and  products used in The Daily Shooter Project: AR-9 Build. Products that were used in the build will be added at the bottom of the page below the video series as they are reviewed on The Daily Shooter YouTube Channel and The Daily Shooter Full30 Channel. Be sure to check back often as the build progresses. 
Keep an eye on the channel and this page for the more of this exciting new build series! Also check out our past collaborations like Project SPR (.223 Wylde build), Project MSR 300 Blackout, and Project .308.
Video 1: Stern Defense Mag AD9 Glock Mag Adapter

Video 2: ODIN Works 02 Lite Handguard & Phase 5 A3 Upper Receiver

Video 3: Faxon 9mm Barrel & ODIN Works Atlas 9 Comp

Video 4: Angstadt Arms 9mm BCG and Buffer Kit

Video 5: Radian Weapons Raptor Charging Handle
Video 6: Project AR-9 Build “How-To”
Video 7: Project AR-9 Reveal