The Ergo F93 Pro Stock is an Eight position collapsible stock for AR15 or AR10 style rifles, providing one of the longest length of pull on the market with a fixed cheek piece for a constant and repeatable cheek weld in any of the eight stock positions.Once the butt is locked into position, the F93 has the feel of a fixed stock without the rattling and movement shooters are used to.Includes an overmolded carbine length buffer tube, standard castle nut and ambidextrous sling plate
• Includes rubber-like recoil pad for enhanced comfort and secure, positive placement• Includes 2 quick detach sling attachment points, 3 web sling attachment points and 2 sling hook attachment points• 8 inches from receiver to butt plate when collapsed, 12 inches when fully extended• Weight is only 1.3 pounds.