Although SHOT Show provides a showcase for countless manufacturers of a myriad of firearms, specializing in Modern Sporting Rifle parts and accessories allows MSR Arms to put our primarily focus on the latest and greatest parts for the AR builder while walking the convention floor.

Last year, we were impressed with the various manufacturers’ responses to “Gunmageddon” in California – it seemed as though every booth had a different approach to avoiding the additional registration. This year had no shortage of fascinating new California and free-state concepts, as well as variations on all of the original equipment that has made the AR so popular for so long. One common theme throughout was the emphasis on the multiple-caliber versatility of the AR platform.

We noticed that several manufacturers are getting ready to offer their own version of the 22LR conversion kit. Although 22LR conversions for the AR-15 have been around for quite a while, there seems to still be significant demand which has given these manufacturers confidence to throw their hat in the ring with stalwarts such as CMMG. Saving money on ammo when you head to the range is always nice, but perhaps the California Assault Weapons Law (which only applies to centerfire rifles) is also an influence? The most interesting one that we saw was from 2a Armament.

2a Armament 22LR Conversion BCG
2a Armament AR 22LR Conversion Bolt Carrier

We spent a few minutes with one of their engineers who showed off the titanium bolt amongst some of the other unique features designed to increase reliability and combability, while reducing weight. 2a is offering the BCG’s for $272 by themselves, or $399 with a 22LR Barrel. 2a Armament magazines are available in 10 and 25 round capacities and will eventually be available in a variety of colors.

Speaking of 2a Armament, we got a look at another sweet new product while we were camped out at their booth. Since we were already impressed with the original 2a Regulated Bolt Carrier,  we wondered what the new AR15 Titanium Regulated Bolt Carrier (RBC) would bring to the table. Well, let me tell you – this thing is incredibly light. At a mere 5.95 oz, the fully assembled low mass BCG is 40% lighter than some other “lightweight” BCG’s. On top of that, it is tunable so you won’t need an adjustable gas block. You’ll pay for the innovation – (MSRP $439), but if you are truly looking for the lightest, high quality BCG out there, this might be for you.

2a Armament Titanium Regulated BCG
2a Armament Titanium Regulated Bolt Carrier (RBC)

Not content with their current precision AR lineup which includes .223 Wild, .308, and 6.5 Creedmoor calibers, Criterion Barrels is adding two new options. For those looking for superior long distance ballistic performance over the .223/5.56 round (while avoiding the need to switch to the AR-10 platform), Criterion is offering both 6.5 Grendel and .224 Valkyrie barrels. Both will be available in 18” and 22”, and will be available soon at MSR Arms!

Josh from Criterion Barrels with .224 Valkyrie Barrel
Josh with Criterion Barrels showing off the .224 Valkyrie Prototype

Precision shooters already know the benefits of the modular and tunable Atlas compensators (available for .223/5.56, .308, 6.5 Grendel, and 9mm calibers) and now ODIN Work’s muzzle device will have a great looking blast shield to go along for the ride.

ODIN Works ATLAS Shield
ODIN Works Atlas Compensator Shield

Sticking with the modular theme, ODIN Work’s new modular ambidextrous safety selector can be configured for a 90 or 45 degree thrown. The unique design allows for compatibility with a wide range of grip styles, and feels crisp and intuitive to use.

ODIN Works modular safety selector
ODIN Works Modular Safety Selector

You wouldn’t think that ODIN Work’s handguards could get any better, but the new Ragna looks like a solid addition. Shaving some ounces off of the 02 Lite Handguard by eliminating some seldom used M-LOK slots seems like a fair tradeoff, and the Ragna design stopped us in our tracks.

ODIN Works Ragnar Handguard
ODIN Works Ragna Handguard

Phase 5 Weapon System’s Ambidextrous Safety Selector will round out their collection of part upgrades, and we can already see that this one will be offered in their popular red anodizing.

Phase 5 Weapon Systems Ambidextrous Safety Selector
Phase 5 Ambidextrous Safety Selector

In addition to these items will have many more exciting additions at MSR Arms in the next few months – get signed up for our newsletter (bottom of the page) to get notified when the new stuff drops! We just touched on a few of our favorite finds at SHOT Show, if you want more in depth coverage make sure to visit The Daily Shooter’s channel on YouTube.

Have thoughts on the products above? Seen something else from SHOT Show that was awesome? Comment below!

Just for fun, here is Maxim Defense showing off an AR pistol that fits in a tool box: