The newest addition to the Phase 5 line of Extended Bolt Releases is here! The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release V3 (EBRV3) is stronger and lighter than the prior versions, with a greater range of compatibility. When compared to a standard mil-spec bolt release, the EBR allows you to reload quicker, clear jams in a more efficient way and eliminate unnecessary hand movements during various operations. This is because the lever is extended into the trigger well for easy access from the right side of the weapon.Phase 5 has added serrations on the elbow and end of the EBR for improved grip and reduced slippage in any weather. The EBRV3 is compatible with all mil spec AR-15/M16 receiver sets and many billet receivers. Also compatible with most side charging and left-handed weapons!- Heat treated, 8620 high strength carbon steel- One piece design, no extra parts or screws to come loose.