The Indian Creek Design BFD (Blast Forwarding Device) is unique and unmatched in its ability to allow the user to utilize virtually ANY muzzle device, from today’s most popular muzzle brakes to the venerable A2 flash hider, and still be able to re-direct concussive forces that occur downrange.
The more effective the muzzle brake is at combating recoil means the more punishing the surrounding concussive blast is. This leads to range buddies not wanting you to shoot with you, spouses and children who no longer want to shoot with you, and generally being shunned by those near you on the range, let alone on your entry team or in any other tactical situation.
Enter the BFD and the BFD XL blast shields.
Designed to fit over any 1″ or smaller outside diameter muzzle device, the BFD takes the exhaust from the muzzle device and directs it downrange after it has done its duty in reducing recoil.
While the BFD is in no way a sound suppressor, it also directs the harshest sound waves away from the shooter and the firing line in the same manner as the blast waves are redirected. Various testers and users have found that the need for multiple levels of hearing protection are reduced while using the BFD.
The ICD BFD has been extensively tested in various configurations, with various muzzle devices, and on a myriad of calibers up to and including the 7mm Remington Magnum with excellent results. The BFD weighs 2.6 ounces with an outside diameter of 1.49″ and overall length is 3.1″ when mounted. Maximum projection when mounted is 2.5.”  The BFD XL is identical to our groundbreaking BFD with the exception of having a 3″ BFD Tube versus the 2.25″ BFD Tube on the original (Allows full coverage over longer brakes or flash hiders that would have the tip protrude from the original length Tube. – Available for 1/2″-28 and 1/2″-36; or for 5/8″-24 and 14mm muzzle devices.- Black Type III Hardcoat Anodized- Includes 1 mount- Made in U.S.A.- Optional BFD Thread Protector covers your mount threads when BFD is not in use (sold separately). Check the Media Tab for install & review video!

Manufacturer Part Number: BFD12; BFD58; BFD12XL; BFD58XL